Send that invoice and get that money.

You earned that money; now go and get it. Send that invoice and get paid today.

Computer printing an invoice out of its screen

Driven by simplicity

All you have to do is type. Send That Invoice remembers your information automatically, so you don't have to set up complicated client lists, address books, member profiles or product rate tables. All you have to do is make invoices.

And send them.

You'll love how easy it is to get your money.


The invoice branding belongs to you. Add your own logo to your invoices.

There will be no branding from Send That Invoice on any of your invoices.


Make, save and send invoices from anywhere on any device. Send invoices as PDF files or as links. Keep track of outstanding invoices; Due, past due, and 30-60-90 past due. Or mark them as paid, and archive.

Perfect for freelancers

Or entrepreneurs. Or contractors. Or gig workers. Or that one guy with that side hustle. If you don't need the hassle or expense of a full-blown accounting infrastructure, but you still need to send that invoice, try Send That Invoice for simplified invoicing.

Go get your money.

Easily cancel at any time.

$1.75 per month

billed at $21 per year

  • Easily cancel any time
  • Unlimited invoices
  • Unlimited clients
  • Web and PDF invoices